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Sunday, August 1, 2010

cannot sleep lah..

after modify2 my blog, i dun know what to do next.. sleep?? didn't feel sleepy at all.. still on facebook but dunno what to do with dat thing anymore.. so maybe i should share a bit of story in my blog,in here..

this time the thing that wanna share is about my ex employer or place of work.. dunno what the exact word i should use.. its easier to say in malay (i keep saying to myself using english, english). the place that i meant is Citibank in City Square..

i worked there only about a month.. its a good place to find more money because its offer unlimited income for their worker with starting basic salary RM1700. I was in deparment called CSOS. its a nice place and a very good people in there. and of coz, some are not very good.

my job is to sell bank product such as credit cards, loan, saving account and etc through phone, using english to talk and communicate. the target market is singaporean and foreigners. its not citibank malaysia, its citibank singapore actually. looking very easy job to do right?? but for me it not like that.. in malay we said "indah khabar dari rupe" hehe..

the environment is very competitive, target oriented, a lot of pressure and so on.. i know i can adapt all of it very quick.. atcually easy for me to get use to it becoz my life is full of pressure.. but maybe my "rezeki" is not there.. after 1 month, i quit..

during that time, my emotion, my "jiwe" is not too tough.. there something keep troubling me.. difficult for me to be focus to anything i do.. so then, i decided to stay at home, refresh and find back my momentum to get me back on track..

the funny thing is, my reason to quit is language barriers. i said i cannot talk fluent english.. and they said, if you cannot talk fluent english, we will not selecting you a.k.a me for this job.. i lie to them, but not a gud one..

b4 i quit, its about after 2 and a half week at work in that place, i done sumthing that all the click in there thing its is crazy thing ever done by CSOS staff.. i cant remember the date n day but i remmber the time.. its around 2:15pm.. i'm so bored, then i juz walk away, window shopping in City Square without telling anyone..

i came back in the office at 6:00 becoz finally they realize i'm M.I.A.. haha..

its one of the worst part of my life in 2010.. actually, at first, i dun really want to work there.. like i said earlier, theres sumthing keep troubling my mind.. i think thats the reason why i cannot stay longer in that place.. my mindset is already set, i dun want.. huhu.. now i realize, mindset is one of the important thing..

its ok, life must go on.. although now i'm juz calculating the rice in kitchen (kire beras bile nak abes).. hehe.. but, i'm not give up..

I put an effort to find a new job, submit resume here and there, go to open interview, then pray to god.. hope to get a new job soon.. :)

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