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Saturday, May 1, 2010

new chapter of my life........ begin.....

its me.. naswan.. what?? naswan?? yes.. naswan.. N.A.S.W.A.N. its a new start for me after finishing my intern at TM jb and also a new start overall after what happen to me for the past few month that i can say terrible, misery..

now, 1st MAY 2010.. officially unemployed, and become a job seeker.. for those who read this, pray for me to get a job as soon as possible.. desperately wanna find a job to make people around me happy.. happy?? yeah.. happy..

from this moment, also i need to be more mature than before.. 26 april 2010, its my 23rd birthday.. there is no room for me to play around anymore.. its time to be a bit serious about my life.. for my family, my friend, my life.. not forgotten, also for my future Mrs Nas..

my family is my priority, i will always remember it.. then i want all of my frenz, be happy having me as a frenz.. also i wanna have a great life.. and also, when the time is right i will find some 1 who is just like me, and can understand me..

i accept all thing that happened to me.. i'm not as good as other in term of academic where im just a moderate degree holder.. but i think, with all of the experience plus hardwork plus never give up, i think i can survive..

i still sad and frust about my ex.. of coz im, bcoz she everything.. but she seem happy with her new bf.. her new bf can give her what she want.. i think im increase my level of maturity by let it go slowly.. she happy.. so to show im really love her, i pray for her happiness.. another thing is, its not me who disturb someone gf.. totally not me..

its begin now, new chapter.. and i will remember, life is so beautiful yet it can be so cruel..